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G2010-100ML 100ml Goat-derived Antibody Blocking Buffer

Specification: 100ml
Usage: Sealing of samples in immunolabelling experiments.
Storage and Transportation: Transport with wet ice; store at 4 and valid for 12 months; If the product are not been used for long time, it can be stored at -20.
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Product Description

Product Description

This product is used for the sealing of samples in immunolabelling experiments. It is especially suitable for the dilution of primary antibody from goats with a darker background, which can effectively weaken the background staining.

Product name

Cat. No.


Blocking buffer (Special use for goat-derived antibody)


100 mL


1. Block primary antibody is derived from goat antibodies, which can reduce the background.

2. Dilute the primary antibody in an appropriate proportion according to the instructions for use of the primary antibody and the content of target protein in the sample. The primary antibody can be directly used for Western blot and immunostaining after dilution.


1. This product is suitable for the blocking and dilution of primary antibody from goat.

2. The product is filtered and sterilized by 0.22μm. Bacterial contamination during use shall be avoided. It is recommended to use up the bottle within 2 weeks after opening, or to freeze the remaining solution.

3. If the product appears crystal precipitation, please place it in 37℃ water bath until it is completely dissolved.

4. This product is only used for basic scientific research and shall not be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment.

5. For your safety and health, please wear lab coat and protective gloves to operate.

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