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G1109-50ML FAS Eyeball Fixative Solution

Specifiction: 50ml/100ml
Product use:Fixation of eyeball tissue.
Storage and transportation: Store at room temperature, valid for 24 months.


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Product Description

Product Description

The eye tissue structure is special, and the degree of softness and hardness of each layer of the eye wall tissue varies greatly, and the connectivity between each layer is poor. The tissue fixed with conventional fixative fluid is easy to cause eye deformation in the subsequent dehydration process, and the hierarchy of the eye wall structure is separated, especially the retina is easy to detach. According to the structural characteristics of the eyeball, the company developed and produced FAS eye fixation solution, the fixed eyeball structure is complete, no retinal detachment, fragmentation phenomenon, to obtain high quality eye tissue section. The active ingredients of this product are glacial acetic acid, formaldehyde, anhydrous ethanol and normal saline.

Product Usage
Product Name



FAS Eyeball fixative solution

G1109-50ML 50 ml


100 ml


Fresh eye tissue was removed and placed into FAS fixation solution for more than 24h. The fixation liquid volume was determined to be completely immersed in the eyeball and the eyeball could move freely.In order to ensure the experimental results, the subsequent production should adopt the company's supporting operation technology.


1. Please use it in a well-ventilated environment and take good precautions to avoid inhalation.

2. The volume of the fixed liquid should be sufficient. The container of the fixed liquid should not be too small to ensure that the eyeball can be freely suspended in the fixed liquid and avoid backaccumulation, otherwise it will affect the integrity of the organizational structure.

3. Please tighten the cap after use to prevent the evaporation of active components.

4. For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves to operate.

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