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G1102-10ML Pre-fixed Electron Microscope Fixative

Specifiction: 10ml/100ml
Product use:Pre-fixed of electron microscope samples.
Storage and transportation: 4 (ice pack) transportation. Store at 4, keep away from light and valid for 12 months.


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Product Description

Product Description

The main component of the electron microscope fixation solution of this product is 2.5% glutaraldehyde, which is good for fixing ultrastructure of tissue. It is suitable for the fixation of tissue specimens under conventional transmission electron microscopy.

Product Usage
Product Name



Electron microscope fixative

G1102-10ML 10ml




Cut the removed tissue into size of 1-2 mm3, then use toothpick or forceps to transfer the tissue block to a vial containing cold fixative. It was fixed at 4℃ for 2-4h. If the tissue contains a lot of blood and tissue fluid, it should be washed several times with a fixative, and then cut into small pieces for fixation. If the size of 1-2 mm3 cannot be cut at one time, it can also be cut into a slightly larger tissue block first, and then fixed while cutting into 1-2 mm3 size.


1.  After the tissue is removed from the living body, it should be placed into the precooled electron microscope fixative within 1 minute. It is best to carry out the operation at low temperature (0-4℃) to reduce enzyme activity and prevent autolysis of cells.

2.  The volume of the tissue should be small, preferably no more than 2mm3. If the tissue mass is too large, the interior of the tissue mass will not be well fixed because of the weak penetration of the fixator. Tissue block trimming is also carried out in cold fixative solution.

3.  The sampling site should be accurate, the mechanical damage should be small, the anatomical instruments should be sharp, the operation should be light, and the pulling, contusion and extrusion should be avoided.


This product is only for scientific research purposes, not for clinical diagnosis!

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