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G1041-50UL Cyclopeptide Staining Reagent for Ghost Pen (red Light)

Specifiction: 50ul
Product use:Cytoskeleton staining
Storage and transportation: Wet ice bag transportation; Store at -20 away from light, valid for 12 months.
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Product Description

Product Description

Phantom pen cyclic peptide is a cyclic peptide produced by the ghost pen fungus (Amanita phalloides), which can bind to F-actin and keep F-actin stable.Tritc fluorescent-labeled phyllopeptides specifically bind to F-actin in eukaryotic cells, revealing the distribution of the microfilament cytoskeletal in cells.

This product is a ghost pen cyclic peptide labeled with fluorescent dye Tritc. The emission wavelength of Tritc is 570-573 nm, which can be used for fluorescence detection of microfilaments in cells or tissues. The cytoskeleton shows red fluorescence after staining.The recommended dilution ratio for this product is 1:300-1:500.This product can be used for dyeing 70-120 slides according to the requirement of 200 μL dyeing solution per sheet.

Product Usage
Product Name



Cyclopeptide staining reagent for ghost pen (red light)


50 μL


1.Cell slides or tissue sections fixed with formaldehyde (G1101 recommended), washed with PBS (G4202 recommended), dried slightly, and then circled with a histochemical stroke to place the tissue or cells in the center of the circle.

2.PBS containing 0.1% Triton X-100 or membrane breaking solution (G1204 is recommended) was dropped into the circles to completely cover the tissues. The tissues were incubated at room temperature for 10 min, and washed with PBS for 3 times, 5 min each time.

3.The product was diluted with PBS at the rate of 1:300 to 1:500 to prepare a working solution for cyclopeptide staining.The tissue was completely covered by dropping the staining solution of ghost pen cyclic peptide into the circle. The tissue was stained at room temperature in dark for 60-120 min, and the sections were washed with PBS for 3 times.

4.(Optional) Drops of DAPI staining reagent (recommended G1012) were added to the tissues to stain the nuclei for 8-10 min, and the sections were washed with PBS for 3 times.

5.After the slices were slightly dried, anti-fluorescence quenching sealing tablets (G1401 is recommended) were added to seal the slices and observed under a fluorescence microscope or confocal laser microscope.

Note: Self-prepared fixed solution, PBS, broken film solution, DAPI staining solution, anti-fluorescence quenching sealing tablet, etc.


1.Fluorescent dyes have the problem of quenching. Avoid light when operating.Dyeing solution is prepared and used as soon as possible and cannot be stored for a long time.

2.Methanol can destroy actin protein, so the fixation solution containing methanol should not be used for pre-sample fixation.

3.Phantom cyclic peptides are generally not cellular permeable and are rarely used for staining of living cells.

4.Please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves when operating.

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