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G1028-50UL Phalloidin Staining Reagent FITC (Green Fluorescence)

Specifiction: 50ul
Product use:Microfilament observation and detection of cells or tissues.
Storage and transportation: Store at -20, valid for 12 months and kept in dark.
  • G1028-50UL
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Product Description

Product Description

Phalloidin is a fungal toxin isolated from the poisonous mushroom Amanita phalloides. As a result of binding phalloidin, actin filaments become strongly stabilized. FITC fluorescent conjugated phalloidin specifically bind eukaryotic F-actin to show the distribution of actin cytoskeleton.

Product Usage
Product Name



Phalloidin: FITC

G1028-50UL 50ul


1. Dilute Phalloidin: FITC for 1:300-1:500 with PBS,generating work-solution 

2. Incubate cells in Phalloidin: FITC work-solution for 2 hours (properly shorten the incubation time in summer). Wash in PBS twice.; 

3. Stain nucleus with DAPI or PI for 10 min, rinse twice in PBS 

4. Remove residual moisture, add antifade mounting medium, cover with cover glass. Detect by fluorescence microscope or laser scanning confocal microscope. 


1. Phalloidin is a small molecular and easily pass through cell membrane. The cells need no treat with cold acetone or TRITON X-100. 

2. This product is poisonous, please wear lab coat and gloves when operating. 

3. Fluorescence quenching is inevitable. Carry out detection as soon as possible after stain. 

4. Antifade mounting medium will reduce the fluorescence quenching. If you need, please order it from us. 

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