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G1019-10ML Cell Viability Test Trypan Blue Stain

Specifiction: 10ml
Product use:Cell viability detection stain.
Storage and transportation: Valid in 12 months when stored at 4.
  • G1019-10ML
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Product Description

Product Description

Trypan Blue is a diazo dye, used to determine the membrane integrity because it selectively color dead tissues of cells blue. Live cells or tissues with intact cell membrane are not colored by preventing trypan blue pass through the membrane. However, trypan blue traverse the membrane in a dead cell and make it in distinctive blue color. Cell viability can be quickly detected using trypan blue staining.  

Product Usage
Product Name



Trypan Blue Stain

G1019-10ML 10ml


1. Trypsinize adherent cells to prepare cell suspension, properly dilute.

2. Stain: Mix cells 1:9 with trypan blue solution thoroughly.

3. Observe in light microscopy, viable cells exclude trypan blue showing no staining while dead cells stain blue by trypan blue.

4. Count viable and dead cells on hemocytometer in 3 min.

5. Calculate cell viability: viability (%) = live cell count/sum of live cell count and dead cell count*100%.


This product is for scientific research purposes only, not for clinical diagnosis!

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