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G1012-10ML Fluorescent Dye DAPI Staining Reagent

Specifiction: 10ml, 100ml
Excitation wavelength: 340nm
Emission wavelength: 488nm
Product use:Detection of apoptosis
Storage and transportation: Store at 4 away from light, valid for 6 months
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Product Description

Product Description

DAPI, 4', 6-diamidine-2-phenyl indole, is a common fluorescent dye with excitation wavelength of 340nm and emission wavelength of 488nm. When it is combined with double-stranded DNA, the excitation wavelength of 364nm and emission wavelength of 454nm are obtained. DAPI can pass through the complete cell membrane, and the fluorescence can be enhanced by more than 20 times after binding with double-stranded DNA. It is often used for nuclear staining of living cells, fixed cells and tissue sections; and it can also be used for detecting cell apoptosis. After staining, fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry were used for detection.

The concentration of DAPI staining reagent is 2 μg/mL, which can be directly used for nuclear staining of cells or tissues. Normal nuclei show bright blue fluorescence, but cytoplasm shows no fluorescence. If the cell apoptosis occurs, the nucleus is dense and heavily stained, or fragmented and dense.

Product Usage
Product Name Category Specifiction

DAPI staining reagent (Ready to use)


10 mL


100 mL

1.Cell slides, cell smears or tissue sections, etc., were rinsed with PBS (recommended G4202) for 3 times, 5 min each time.

2.Drop DAPI staining reagent (i.e., use type) to the sections to completely cover the tissue, and incubate at room temperature and avoid light for 8-10 min

3.Rinsed with PBS for 3 times, 5min each time.

4.Observation under fluorescence microscope or under fluorescence microscope after sealing.


1.Fluorescent dyes all have the problem of fluorescence quenching. It is suggested to take photos as soon as possible after dyeing. To slow fluorescence quenching, anti-fluorescence quenching sealing tablets (G1401 is recommended) can be used.

2.Please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.

These products are only used for scientific research not for diagnostics.

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All of our products will be packed in standard carton.


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