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G1011-10ML Blue Fluorescent Hoechst 33258 Staining Solution

Specifiction: 10ml
Product use:Apoptosis detection, nuclear staining, or conventional DNA staining.
Storage and transportation: Valid in 6 months stored at 4in the dark.
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Product Description

Product Description

Hoechst 33258 is a fluorescent blue dye that can penetrate across membrane. Excitation wavelength is 346 nm and emission wavelength is 460 nm. It has been used for DNA staining or nucleus staining. 

Product Usage
Product Name



Hoechst 33258 staining solution(ready-to-use)




1、 Apply to samples such as fixed cell suspension, tissue sections or cell climbing sections that incubated with fluorescent antibody. Cover the samples with Hoechst 33258 staining solution, incubate at room temperature for 5 min in the dark. 

2、wash in PBS solution three times, 5 min each.

3、mount and observe in Fluorescent Microscopy. 


1、Hoechst 33258 is harmful, please pay attention to personal protection.

2、Fluorescence quenching is inevitable. Carry out detection as soon as possible after stain.

3、Antifade mounting medium will reduce the fluorescence quenching. If you need, please order it from us.

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