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G1002-500ML Water Soluble Eosin Y Solution

Specifiction: 100ml/500ml
Product use:Cytoplasmic staining.
Storage and transportation: Store at room temperature, valid for 6 months.
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Product Description

Product Description

Eosin is an acid dye used histologically to stain cytoplasm. The basic principle is that eosin can be dissociated into negatively charged anions in water, which can combine with the cationic amino groups of proteins in the cytoplasm to make the cytoplasm appear red. The molecular weight of eosin (water soluble) used in this product is 691.85, and the concentration is 0.5%. It is usually used in combination with hematoxylin dye (G1004) to stain tissues or cells and display cell structure. After staining, the cytoplasm appears in varying shades of pink to peach. Compared with G1001 eosin dye (alcohol solution), tissue or cells stained with this product need to undergo gradient ethanol dehydration before xylene transparent and sealed, tissue or cytoplasm staining is lighter than G1001.

Product Usage
Product Name



Eosin Y(Water Soluble)

G1002-100ML 100ml




1) Deparaffinize and rehydrate to distilled water: Deparaffinize sections in 2 changes of xylene, 10 minutes each. Dehydrate in 95% alcohol and 80% alcohol respectively, 1 minute each. Wash in running tap water for 1 minute to 2 minutes

2) Stain with hematoxylin solution for 5-10 minutes, wash in tap water for 1 minute to 2 minutes

3) Differentiate in 1% hydrochloric acid alcohol for 30 seconds. Wash in running tap water for 5-10 minutes for bluing, or rinse in 0.2% ammonia water for 30 seconds and wash in running tap water for 1 minute to 2 minutes for bluing.

4) Counterstain in Eosin Y solution (water) for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Wash briefly in distilled water.

5) Dehydrate successively in 80% alcohol, 90% alcohol, and 2 changes in absolute alcohol, 5 seconds each. Clear in 2 changes of xylene, 5 minutes each. Mount with resin mounting medium.

6) Microscopy examination and analysis.

Staining result:

Nuclei should be blue, cytoplasm pink to red.


1. Eosin dye (water soluble) can be used repeatedly for several times. When the tissue staining is obviously shallow, it is recommended to replace a new dye.

2. Please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.

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