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EP-5000-J 1.5mL 2mL 15mL 50mL Micro Centrifuge Tubes

1.5ml 2ml 15ml 50ml
 Micro centrifuge tube 
Dnase&Rnase free
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Product Description

Centrifuge tube (Dnase&Rnase free)

1. Micro centrifuge tubes are used for all sorts of applications, mainly used for sample storage, transportation, samples separating, centrifugation etc.

2. Easy identification of fill level.

3. Frosted writing sections in tube surface and tube cover for easy sample identification.

4. Flat cap surface for easy labeling of sample numbers.

5. Autoclavable, although most are sterile or free from RNase and DNase.

Product Specification
Item Number EP-5000-J
Product Name 50mL Centrifuge tubes, RNase&DNase free, Sterile
Size 50mL
Material Polypropylene
Packing 25pcs/rack,20racks/carton
Carton Size 63*43*37cm
Product Description The centrifuge tubes are used for all sorts of applications, from sample storage to running reactions and spinning down or separating samples etc.
Product Features ● Made of high molecular transparent polypropylene (PP).
● Temperature withstand scope:  - 80 ℃ ~ 121 ℃.
● RNase&DNase free, Sterile, Non-pyrogenic(no endotoxin).
● Flat cap surface for easy labeling of sample numbers.
● Unique screw design, one hand screw cover, convenient for experiment.
● The withstand pressure value of 50mL centrifuge tube is 6kg / cm², no air leakage, no deformation, no explosion.
● Storage, transportation and centrifugation can effectively prevent liquid leakage.
Storage Condition Room Temperature

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