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Bulk Sale Sterile 200ul Micro Pipette Tips in Bag wholesale

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Material: PP (polypropylene)

Length: 51.25mm

  • TP-200
  • Servicebio

Product Specification
Cat. No. TP-200
Item Description Pipette Tips, 200μl Without Filter
(Free from Rnase & Dnase, Sterilized by Radiation)
Size 200μl
Length 5.05cm
Inner Aperture 5.25mm
Material Polypropylene
Packing 1000 pcs/bag, 20 bags/carton
Carton Size 70*24*34cm
Product Features ● Suitable for molecular biology experiment.
● Volume is from 0.1µl to 200μl.
● Fit for pipettes from different famous manufacturers.
● The pipette tips are made of high molecular material polypropylene without bending.
● The pipette tips wall is silicified, and the inner wall is smooth without wall hanging.
Utility Period of Time Two years
Storage Condition Room temperature, keep ventilation and dry, avoid direct sunlight.
Brand Servicebio
Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 5th Floor,22 Building, Biopark, Gaoxin 2nd Road 388, East Lake High-tech Developing Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430079
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Product Features

Sterilization method: Irradiation sterilization

Adapted brands: Eppendorf, Thermo, Brand, Gilson, Rainin (Made in China) and Dragon, etc.

Certification status: CE, FDA, UKCA

Other Information: Sterilize, DNase & RNase free, Non-pyrogen (Endotoxin free)

Batch No. : See the outer packing box

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