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Biological Developer Kit for Western Northern Southern Slot Experiment

  • G2023-250ML

Product Description

Product introduction:

This product is used for developing film after photosensitive in Western、Northern、Southern experiments. It needs to be used with fixing solution(G2024), and can also be used as supplementary reagent for G2019 developing and fixing solution kit.



Package Contents:

Cat. No.

Product description



Developing solution

250 mL



Storage condition:

Stored at room temperature, avoid over 30℃ temperature, valid for 12 months.



1. The exposed film is completely immersed in the developing solution. At 25℃, develop for 1-5 minutes. The specific time depends on the developing situation.

2. Rinsing the developed film in the water and remove the developing solution.

3. The cleaned film is placed in the fixing solution. For 25℃, fixing for 1-5 minutes.

4. The film is cleaned in water to remove the residual reagents. Dry the film and file it.



1. The reagents can be used repeatedly.

2. Avoid contamination of developing solution and fixing solution.

3. If the film is grey, maybe the film has been exposed and it’s not caused by the reagents. It is recommended to use a special red light in the dark room.

4. Please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.

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