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Alizarin Red S Stain for Dyeing A Small Amount of Calcium Salt Deposits

  • G1038-100ML

Product Description


Alizarin red S, an anthraquinone derivative, has a chemical name of Alizarin sulfonic acid sodium salt. It can form orange chelate complexes with different calcium, including calcium carbonate and tricalcium phosphate. This product may be used to identify deposits of calcium salt in tissues, pathological calcified sediment such as in tuberculosis caseous necrosis foci, arterial wall of atherosclerosis, dead parasitic ovum, and other calcified matters.


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Alizarin red S soluiton




Valid in 12 months at room temperature.



1、Deparaffinize and hydrate sections to distilled water.

2Slides stain in Alizarin red S for 5-10 min, wash in tap water. Dry slides in oven. 

3、Clear in xylene for 5 min and mount with resin mounting medium.

4、Microscopy determination and analysis.


Calcium deposits are deep red in light red or colorless background.


1、 manage the staining time by microscopy observation. Too long for staining may result in color diffusion.

2、If any droplet on slides after clear in xylene, dry slides and rinse in butanol for 10sand then re-clear in xylene. 




Human tumor tissue stained with Alizarin red S. Calcium salt are shown in red.

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