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AB-PAS Staining Kit Glycoprotein Color Reagent

  • G1049-20ML

Product Description

Brief Introduction: 


Normal mucosal epithelium can secrete neutral and acidic mucous substances, neutral mucous substances contain Hexosamines and free hexose groups, and acidic mucilage substances also contain Hexosamines and various acid radicals.

The method stains all the acidic mucins with Alcian blue to be blue firstly, and ethylene glycol, which blocks the acid molecules in the acid mucous substances, is oxidized by periodate to produce dialdehydes, which react with the Schiff’s reagent and become red. Only the ethylene glycol group of the neutral mucous substance was dialdehyde produced by periodate and reacted with the colorless magenta in the Schiff’s reagent to form a reddish-purple complex. Then, neutral and acidic mucous substances are clearly shown. In normal gastrointestinal mucus, the surface epithelium, pyloric glands, duodenal glands, etc. are mainly red neutral mucous substances. The goblet cells and intestinal glands of the small intestine and colon mucosa mainly secrete acidic mucous substances.


Package Content






Schiff’s reagent

20 ml


Periodic acid

20 ml


Mayer hematoxylin

20 ml


Alcian Blue 

20 ml

Storage Conditions: Stored at 4°C, valid for 6 months

Operation Instructions:

1、 Paraffin section dewax to water: Put the sections into Xylene Ⅰ 20min- Xylene Ⅱ 20min- Anhydrous ethanol Ⅰ 5min- Anhydrous ethanol Ⅱ 5min-75% alcohol 5min, then wash by water;

2、 Alcian blue staining: Put the sections into Alcian blue staining for 5min, wash by water for two minutes;

3、 Periodic acid staining: Put the sections into periodic acid staining for 5min, wash by water for two minutes;

4、 Schiff’s staining: Put the sections into schiff’s staining for 30min, avoid light, wash by water for five minutes;

5、 Dehydration and seal the slides: Put the sections into Anhydrous ethanol Ⅰ 5min- Anhydrous ethanol Ⅱ 5min- Anhydrous ethanol Ⅲ5min- Xylene Ⅰ 5min- Xylene Ⅱ 5min, then seal the sections by neutral gum.

6、 Microscope inspection, images collection analysis.


Staining Results

The glycogen and neutral mucous substances are purple red, acid mucin substance is blue, mixed mucous substance is blue-purple or purple-blue and the nucleus is blue.



1、 Periodic acid and Schiff’s reagent need to be stored at refrigerator. They need to be taken out  to room temperature within half an hour before use, when use, they also need to avoid light. When Schiff’s reagent becomes light red, it can’t be used any more.

2、 The staining time of Schiff’s reagent is decided by temperature, the room temperature of Summer is high, the staining time can be decreased. The room temperature of Winter is low, the staining time needs to be increased to 30min.

3、 If you need to stain nucleus, you can order Hematoxylin solution (G1004), Differentiate solution (G1039) and Bluing solution (G1040). The staining needs to be light when stain nucleus, as the acid mucus material is blue, if the nuclear blue is too dark, the contrast is not obvious.


For stomach tissue, stain AB then stain PAS, mucosal epithelial secretes neutral mucin material to be purple-red, cervical mucus gland secretes acidic mucous substances to be blue, the contrast is obvious.

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