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96-well Deep Well Plate U Buttom For Lab Sample collection Fit Magnetic Tips Comb

Product name :deep well plate
Size: 96-well
  • KB-96U20-L

Product Description

Product description:

1. Product size L*W*H: 127*85*41.7mm, inner hole 8.2*8.2mm, bottom hole diameter 8.2mm;

2. For sample collection, in vitro cell culture and long-term storage

3. Made of highly transparent polypropylene (PP) material, resistant to alcohols and other mild organic solvents;

4. It can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, and can be stored stably at -80℃ for a long time;

5. Protruding design of square hole, better sealing performance after covering, not easy to leak;

6. U-shaped bottom hole design is suitable for sample mixing and collection;

7. Alphabetical sorting and cut corner marking make the storage and collection of samples more convenient and faster;

8. Suitable for multi-channel pipetting guns and automation systems.

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