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5x Protein Loading buffer(Non-Reducing)

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Product Description

Product introduction:

Bromophenol blue is used as dye and 5 times concentrated protein sample buffer for electrophoretic sample of non-reduced SDS-PAGE protein sample. The main components of this product are Tris-HCl buffer, glycerol, SDS and bromophenol blue.


Package Contents:

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Product description



5x Protein Loading buffer(Non-Reducing)



Storage condition:

Stored at -20℃ by ice bag(wet ice), valid for 12 months.



1. Mix well according to the ratio of 4ul protein sample to 1ul 5x Protein Loading buffer(Non-Reducing).

2. Metal bath or boiling water bath was heated for 3-5min to fully denature the protein sample.

3. Cool to room temperature and add to the sample well.



1. Make sure the product is fully heated before use.

2. Please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves during operation.

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