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5 X SDS-Page Protein Loading Buffer (odorless, reduced type)

  • G2075-1ml

Product Description

product description
This product uses substanceswith reducing properties similar to dithiothreitol (DTT) or mercaptoethanol (with Irritating odor), it is odorless and more stable in water solubility. There is no obvious difference significant difference from conventional SDS-PAGE protein loading buffer, so the operation of protein loading is safer and healthier.

Storage and transportation: wet ice transportation; storage at -20°C is valid for at least one year.


Component G2075-1ml G2075-100ml
5 x SDS-PAGE protein loading buffer (odorless, reduced type) 1mL 100ml

1. Dissolve 5×SDS-PAGE protein loading buffer in room temperature or 37°C water bath before use, and store it at room temperature immediately after dissolving in the water bath. Try to avoid placing it in a water bath for a long time, and store it at -20°C after use;

2. Add the corresponding volume according to the ratio of protein sample: 5×SDS-PAGE protein loading buffer=4:1. Note: This product can also be directly used for the lysis of cell or tissue samples after being diluted to 1×;

3. Heat in a water bath or metal bath at 95°C for 10 min to fully denature the protein;

4. The samples can be loaded directly after cooling to room temperature;

5. Normally, electrophoresis can be stopped until the blue staining kits reaches the bottom of the gel.

1. This product must be completely dissolved before usage. Store at -20°C as soon as possible after usage.
2. Avoid direct touching of the reagents with the skin.
3. Please wear lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.


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