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250ml Fat Fixative Solution Tissue Embedding Section fixative

  • G1119-250ML

Product Description

Product Introduction

In histopathology, the tissue must be fixed in time and effectively before the subsequent embedding and sectioning can be completed. The role of tissue fixation is to maintain the inherent morphology and structure of tissues and cells, prevent bacterial corrosion and autolysis of tissue cells, preserve the inherent substances in cells, coagulate intracellular proteins, and minimize or terminate endogenous and exogenous The enzyme reaction keeps the cells or tissues basically the same as the substances in life, and can also harden the tissues and facilitate the cutting of the tissues. For some infectious specimens, it can prevent the spread of diseases; keep the general specimens. Finally, fixation can also enhance the effect of dyeing.

Adipose tissue contains a large number of lipid droplets. If it is not fixed in time and effectively, the fat cell membrane is likely to be damaged during the paraffin preparation process, resulting in incomplete fat cell structure. During the ice-cutting and fat staining process, the phenomenon of lipid droplet displacement is prone to occur. This product special fixative for fat is specially used for the fixation of adipose tissue, which can fix fat effectively and timely, solve the above-mentioned slice problems, and prepare good-quality fat paraffin sections and frozen sections. The main components of this product are formaldehyde, glacial acetic acid and a small amount of ethanol.

Storage and transportation

Storage and transportation at room temperature, valid for 24 months.

Package Contents:

Cat. No. Product description Volume
G1119 Special fixative solution for fat 250 mL


After removing the fresh adipose tissue, put it in a special fixative for fat and fix it for more than 24 hours. The volume of the fixative is subject to the tissue being completely immersed and the tissue can move freely. Due to the low density of adipose tissue, a proper amount of absorbent cotton ball can be inserted into the surface of the fixed container to sink the adipose tissue into the fixative solution and be fully fixed.


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