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20 times;Tris-EDTA antigen retrieval solution (pH 9.0)

  • G1203-250ML

Product Description

Product introduction:
after the cells or tissues are fixed with paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde or other aldehyde reagents, they will lead to cross-linking between proteins, thus obscuring the antigen sites of the samples, leading to the weakening of staining signals during immunostaining, and even some false positive staining results. The antigen repair solution uses a widely used Tris-EDTA repair solution (pH 9.0), which can effectively remove the crosslinking between proteins caused by aldehyde fixation reagents and fully expose the epitopes in samples such as paraffin sections. Thus, the effect of immunostaining is greatly improved.

Package Contents:

Cat. No. Product description Volume
G1203 20x Tris-EDTA(pH 9.0)
20x Tris-EDTA repair buffer solution(pH 9.0)

Storage condition:
Stored at 4ºC, valid for 12 months.

The 20x Tris-EDTA repair buffer solution(pH 9.0) was mixed with 190 mL distilled water every 10 mL to obtain 1x Tris-EDTA repair buffer solution with a concentration of 1mM, pH 9.0.
Paraffin sections dewaxed to water, washed three times with PBS, 5 min each. The slice is placed in Tris-EDTA repair solution and put into the microwave to repair 8 min, the repair intensity and time can also be adjusted according to the requirements of the specimen, so as to ensure that the repair solution is between 90-100ºCand avoid boiling and excessive water evaporation. After natural cooling, follow-up operation can be carried out.

1. This product is a concentrated solution and needs to be diluted before use. It is recommended that the diluted buffer be used up on the same day and can be stored briefly at 4°C.

2. Please select the appropriate antigen retrieval solution according to the experimental requirements and antigen characteristics. For acidic or weak alkaline repair fluids, please refer to G1202 and G1206.

3. Please wear lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.


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