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Sirius Red Staining

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上传2 sirius red staining  ovary collagen fiber red background yellow100-1缩略图.jpg上传heart-1 sirius red_9.9x缩略图.jpg上传heart-1 sirius red_24.5x缩略图.jpg
sirius red staining  ovary collagen fiber red background yellowheart sirius red
heart sirius red
上传sirius red staining kidney  100-1缩略图.jpg上传sirius red staining liver 100-1缩略图.jpg上传sirius red staining缩略图.jpg
sirius red staining kidneysirius red staining liver
sirius red staining


1.Deparaffinage and hydrate to water: following next steps, put paraffin sliced into XyleneⅠ20 mins,and XyleneⅡ 20 mins, anhydrous ethanol 5mins, and 75% anhydrous ethanol 5 mins, at last tap water is washed.

2.The sirius Red Stain:the slices were cut into Sirius red stain solution 8-10 mins, two or three tanks dehydrated with anhydrous ethanol.

3.Dehydrate seal: Slice and put in clean xylene transparent 5 mins,Glycerol Jelly seal.

4.Microscopic examination and image collection analysis.



Under normal light microscope, the collagen fibers were red and the others were yellowish. Under polarized light microscopy, the I-type fiber are closely aligned, showing a strong birefringence, with yellow or red fibers. And Ⅱ-type fiber, showing weak double refraction, a greenish fine fiber. Ⅳ type fiber, showing weak double refraction basilemma, pale yellow. 

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