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Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Staining

                                                                                           $ 7.5  /  slide

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Intestines Lung

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1. Deparaffinize and rehydrate by immersing the slides through the following:

  1.1.  Xylene: two washes 20 minutes each

  1.2. 100% alcohol: two washes for 5 minutes

  1.3. 75% alcohol: wash for 5 minutes

  1.4. Wash briefly in tap water

2. Periodic acid stain

Immerse slides in periodic acid solution for 15 min, wash in tap water and twice in distilled water.

3. Schiff stain

Stain slides in Schiff reagent for 30 min and keep in dark, followed by washing in running tap water for 5 min.

4. Hematoxylin stain

Rinse slides in hematoxylin solution for 1-3 min, wash in tap water. Differentiate in 1% hydrochloric acid for a few second, wash in tap water. Bluing in 0.2% ammonia water, then wash in tap water.

5. Dehydrate and Sealing

Dehydrate slides in 3 changes of absolute alcohol for 5 min each. Clear in 3 changes of xylene, 5 min each. Sealing with resin mounting medium.

6. Microscopy examination and analysis


Purple red for collagen, goblet cell, fungus, plant starch granule and cell wall. Blue for nuclei.

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