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Masson Trichrome Staining

$ 7.5 / slide

上传1 masson染色 心梗 40-1缩略图.jpg

上传1 Masson 心脏纤维化 200-2缩略图.jpg

Masson staining myocardial infarctionMasson cardiac fibrosis

上传1 masson 皮肤损伤 40-1缩略图.jpg

sc1 masson 肝寄生虫 40-1缩略图.jpg

Masson skin damageMasson hepatic parasite


1.Deparaffinage and rehydrate by immersing the slides through the following:

1.1. Xylene: two times washes for 20 minutes each

1.2. 100% alcohol: two times washes for 5 minutes each

1.3. 75% alcohol: wash for 5 minutes

1.4. Wash briefly in tap water

2.Potassium dichromate stain

Rinse slides in Potassium dichromate mordant solution overnight, wash in tap water quickly.

3. Iron hematoxylin stain

Mix up the Weigert hematoxylin iron solution A with solution B by equivalent volume to generate iron hematoxylin solution. Rinse the slides in this iron hematoxylin solution for 3 minutes, wash in tap water. Then differentiate in 1% acid alcohol for 30 seconds, wash in running tap water.

4.Acid ponceau fuchsin stain

Stain in acid ponceau fuchsin solution for 3-5 minutes, rinse in tap water to wash.

5.Phosphomolybdic acid stain

 Immerse slides in phosphomolybdic acid solution for 1-3 minutes. Do not wash in water.

6.Aniline blue stain

Stain the slides with aniline blue solution for 3-6 minutes.


Differentiate slides in 1% glacial acetic acid solution, dehydrate in 3 changes of absolute alcohol, 5 minutes each.

8.Clearing and mounting

Clear in xylene for 5 minutes, mount with resin mounting medium.

9.Microscopy examination and analysis


Collagen fiber should be blue; muscle fiber, cellulose and red blood cells should be red. 

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